Expert Witness Services For Classic Car, Collector Car & Hot Rods In Colorado Springs.

Automotive Expert Witness Services In Colorado Springs. Classics, Restored, Muscle cars, Hot Rods, Kustoms, Foreign and Domestic.

Expert Witness Services For The Automotive Sector.

Nick Kout, CHRH owner and expert witness, has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, including the restoration of classic cars, purchasing/selling vintage automobiles, and maintenance/repair of late-model vehicles. Nick has provided automotive expert witness testimony related to restoration issues, misrepresentation of a vehicle, non-disclosure of previous damage, diminished value, and automobile valuation for divorce and estate disputes.

Car Valuation

Knowing the true market value of an automobile requires an expert who understands the fluctuations of the market and the vehicle’s condition.

As a certified car appraiser we will provide an independent vehicle appraisal to determine the true automobile’s market value. We can also determine the value of a vehicle prior to a loss suffered in an accident, set a value in matrimonial or estate cases, or assign a value for business, purchase, or sale purposes.

Value Misrepresentation

If you’ve purchased a classic car and you feel that it was misrepresented prior to the purchase, you may have legal recourse. This may be true whether you purchased the vehicle from a dealer or a private party. These types of cases are common given the routine nature of long-distance or sight-unseen purchases that are now so prevalent due to the ease of purchase over the internet.

Restoration/Repair Issues

A common practice for classic car restoration or auto repair is the customer enters an agreement where the shop agrees to restore or repair the vehicle and the customer agrees to pay as invoiced.

Sometimes, things go wrong. CHRH can provide expert testimony in cases where customers have been invoiced, but the car has been set aside with little or no work completed. Or, the workmanship does not measure up to your standards – or to minimum industry standards. And sometimes, the customer finds themselves in a corner – when the restoration or repair far exceeds the amount that quoted.

Diminished Value

In addition to injuries and vehicle damage, your car’s value can decrease even if it is restored to perfect condition. Diminished value refers to the difference in your car’s market value before and after the accident. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, we can fight on your behalf to have the car insurance company pay for the diminished value of your vehicle after a covered loss.

Expert Witness Services – On Your Side To Help Settle Legal Issues.

Like most areas of life, litigation has invaded the collector/classic car industry in a big way. High-dollar restorations gone bad, very expensive collector cars misrepresented- and even divorce – all can involve disputes needing to be solved with litigation and expert witness testimony.

Nick Kout has years of experience providing expert witness testimony and is available.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and Nick will be happy to discuss expert witness services.

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