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Bonded Title Appraisal For Colorado Title

Bonded Title Appraisal – Part Of A Bonded Title Process

In Colorado, the bonded title process is a legal avenue for individuals who possess a vehicle but do not have access to the standard proof of ownership documents, typically the vehicle title. This process allows such individuals to formally claim ownership through a surety bond that protects the state and any possible prior owners against ownership disputes.

Part of that process involves having a professional Bonded Title Appraisal to complete your paperwork. 

While the Colorado Department Of Revenue Form DR2186 gives a decent accounting of the bonded title process, we have put together our own representation of the process, having recently completed a bonded title application.

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

Before initiating the bonded title process, you must determine if you are eligible. This process is applicable if you:

  • Bought a vehicle and never received the title.
  • The vehicle is 25 years old or older
  • Have insufficient documentation proving ownership.

Step 2: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspection

A VIN inspection is mandatory and must be conducted by a qualified entity, such as a law enforcement officer (Colorado State Patrol), a licensed auto dealer, or a certified VIN inspector in Colorado. This inspection is to ensure the vehicle is not stolen and that the VIN matches existing records.

Step 3: Get A Bonded Title Appraisal

For a Bonded Title appraisal for a Colorado Bonded title, all you need to do is give us a call. We can get you bonded title appraisal done in days – not weeks, so you can get your bonded title as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Obtain a Surety Bond

Once the VIN inspection and appraisal are completed, the next step is to obtain a surety bond. The amount of the bond typically needs to be twice the appraised value of the vehicle, which can be assessed with a Bonded Title Appraisal

The bond, which can be sourced from an insurance company, guarantees compensation for any financial losses should another individual claim ownership of the vehicle.

Step 5: Record Search

You must obtain a Colorado record search using the Colorado Department Of Revenue form DR 2489A to determine if there any liens on the vehicle. Make sure you follow instructions carefully, and only submit by mail.

Step #5 (continued)

Any errors or omissions will only add weeks to this process and make the bonded title process much more onerous than it really is.

If no Colorado Liens are found, using the same form, request a National record search. Remember – for a National record search, you cannot use the electronic document submission. You must submit everything on paper. If no liens are found, move to step #6.

Step 6: Submit the Application

With the VIN inspection and surety bond in hand, you can then complete the Application for Title and/or Registration (Form DR 2395) to your local DMV. Alongside this form, you need to provide:

  • Proof of the surety bond.
  • The VIN inspection document.
  • Any other documents that support your ownership claim (bill of sale, receipts, etc.).
  • Your Record Searches
  • Payment for the required fees.
  • Step 5: County Review and Approval

Step 7: County Review and Approval

Submit the completed application and accompanying documents to your local county motor vehicle office. The county officials will review the documents and ensure all requirements are met.
This review process may take some time as it involves verifying the legitimacy of the documents and the absence of any flags or disputes regarding the vehicle’s ownership.

Step 8: Issuance of a Bonded Title

If the application is approved, Colorado will issue a bonded title. This title is marked as “bonded”, indicating that there is a surety bond associated with it. The bonded title is typically valid for three years.

During this period, the title is somewhat conditional; if no claims are made against the vehicle by someone else claiming ownership, the title can be converted into a standard vehicle title without the bonded designation.

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We get it – the bonded title process in Colorado can be complex, with a lot of moving parts and no guarantees. As listed above, and on their website.

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Don’t hesitate to give us a call and Nick will be happy to get your bonded title appraisal started.

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