Insurance Claims Assistance For Your Collector Vehicle Claim In Colorado Springs.

Sometimes, insurance companies don’t get collector vehicle values right. We can fight on your behalf to get the settlement amount you deserve.

Auto Insurance Claims Assistance Specialist

Diminished Value Appraisals

In addition to injuries and vehicle damage, your car’s value can decrease even if it is restored to perfect condition. Diminished value refers to the difference in your car’s market value before and after the accident. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, we can fight on your behalf to have the car insurance company pay for the diminished value of your vehicle after a covered loss.

The amount of financial loss not reimbursed by the insurance company is tax-deductible. A CHRH certified diminished value claim appraisal can help you determine the amount of loss you can claim as an itemized tax deduction on Form 4684 on your Federal tax return.

Total Loss – Fair Market Value

Do you need an independent appraisal to justify a total loss insurance claim? Our certified appraiser considers your vehicle’s unique characteristics and provides you with our professional findings in a certified appraisal report.

What is market value car insurance? Market value is an insurance industry term for the price your car would be expected to command on the open market in its current state. This is not the same as the trade-in value or the price that a particular buyer, such as a collector, would pay for your car. We can help you fight your claim to ensure you receive fair market value.

Auto Insurance Claims Assistance – Don’t Depend On Your Insurance Company’s Settlement Amount For Your Collector Vehicle!

Insurance companies are not collector car experts. If you are the victim of an unfortunate accident and experienced diminished value , you may be entitled to recoup the difference between the settlement amount and the vehicle’s actual pre-accident value.

Diminished Value is the difference in your car’s market value before and after the accident.

We will work with your insurance company on your behalf to recover the diminished value amount – and get a fair settlement for your auto insurance claim.

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